The Retail Suite

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The Retail Suite, an alternative to ERPs
a retail backbone overlaid with smart systems


Every retailer wants a single view of product, a single view of stock, a single view of customer, and a single view of sales and other stock movements. To achieve that too many retailers are looking to invest in ERPs.

The price of that investment is we believe too high.  ERPs reduce flexibility and destroy specialisation.

Retail Backbone

itim’s answer to this is to provide a retail backbone, around which retailers can hang specialist applications.

The retail backbone, becomes a repository of all stock movements, allowing retailers to buy if appropriate, specialist systems like Merchandise Planning, Stock Optimisation, E-commerce, Warehousing, Finance, Sourcing, etc….

The advantage of this is that you do not have the restrictions of an ERP, so that you can adapt change, and extend your business much more easily. 

However as so many of these specialist applications are being delivered on a software as a service basis, they can easily plug into the back-bone.

itim’s backbone comes with a series of ‘mobile’ applications, allowing retailers to see information about their business instantaneously from any point in the ‘world’.

The benefit is a major reduction in total IT costs.

Greater flexibility allowing your business model to flex with strategy and in keeping with competition.