Store of the Future

itim's future store

Shopping has become an ‘on-demand’ emotion led by the prevalence of mobile hardware and innovative supporting apps. Customer expectation is ‘I can get it on-line from somewhere, I can get it cheaply and it will be here tomorrow’. If the high street is to compete then the physical retail experience needs to be seen as an extension of this omni-channel engagement.

The journey through the store of the future needs to recognise the customer and all their touch points with the retailer, stock positions need to be understood in real time and demand, once generated, needs to be met with a selection of fulfilment options to suite the customer and to meet their ever changing expectation.

itim has launched an integrated set of mobile apps that allows any retailer and store staff to run the store from a tablet.  With the costs of Android tablets falling to a few 100 pounds you can afford every member of staff to have one.

With wi-fi printers, mobile chip and pin technology, and blue tooth scanner, you can do away with obsolete tills in the store.

Future Store Tablet

Everything in your hand...

Deliver tomorrow's shopping experience today

Our current applications for store include

  • e-shopping…mobile POS
  • Product enquiry
  • Customer enquiry
  • Price change ticket printing
  • Stock receipts and transfers
  • Customer lookup
  • Click & Collect management and store despatch

Everything you would want any member of store staff to be involved in.

Shop floor sales teams need to be empowered with knowledge and have the delegated ability to meet, and exceed, customer service expectations.