Chameleon360 is here

Chameleon360 is here, the first truly integrated multi-channel ecosystem for selling in-store, with the simple aim of NEVER LOSING A SALE. This is achieved through the extensive use of mobile technology with clienteling functionality to inspire and delight your customers. Provide store staff with better product and customer information, and ordering capabilities. Retailers can start selling again! 

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The Retail Suite - itim’s end-to-end retail platform

Planning, Forecasting, Execution, Optimisation

Designed to support a world of multi/omni-channel retailing it has been developed in conjunction with retailers for retailers.

It includes our Product Catalogue (MDM), fully integrated EPoS & Tablets, a new e-Commerce Platform, real-time stock management, Order Management & Routing, Stock Allocation and Replenishment, Sales & Stock Audit, Store Management, Simple Warehousing, Wholesaling, Invoice Matching and EDI Plus services.

It has been built using technologies of the mobile and internet era whilst taking advantage of AI techniques to exploit the increasing access to big data.

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Profimetrics - optimising price, promotions, markdowns & stock

The best way to describe Profimetrics is that it is an ‘expert system’ for merchandising. Its main role is to act as a ‘Merchandiser’s Assistant’. It automatically alerts Merchandisers to products that are performing well or badly (not meeting plan) and makes recommendations (by location if necessary), on what to do to take advantage of opportunities or to arrest the decline. In doing so it optimises pricing, promotions & markdowns and stock distribution.  Many say it is the first step to “Merchandising Artificial Intelligence”. It is probably one of the most exciting things we are doing.

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Price, Promotions and Stock Optimisation

Didos - advanced invoice matching

Large scale Invoice Matching is a complex knot of internal and external procedures. It is possible to untie the tangle for good, and save time, effort and money.

Take a look at Didos. WHSmith did. For them, once difficult, labour-intensive tasks are now simply and effectively dealt with.

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The store of the future

Run your store using a tablet

Keep pace with changing customer expectations.

Shop floor sales teams need to be empowered to meet and exceed customer service expectations.

Aggressively exploit every sales opportunity.

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Clienteling - Treating valuable customers… differently!

There is a rumour that at Harrods something like 5% of the customers account for 50% of their revenues.  Retailers are only just beginning to gather data on who their most valuable and profitable customers are.

But if this category of customers exist and if the old pareto rule applies (20% accounting for 80% of revenues) can you ever afford to lose them?

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itim’s order management/order orchestration platform

This is probably one of the more advanced platforms for order routing and order fulfilment. It is a rule based system for driving very sophisticated and multiple methods of customer order fulfilment. It facilitates click & collect and store despatch. It has a real-time stock ledger, allows for stock segregation and reservation, order splitting, capturing returns and interfacing with carriers and couriers. One of its real strengths has been its ability to make store operations of these new services very easy, through a store manager’s workbench, delivered in store on tablets. It typically sits at a retailer between their EPoS, e-commerce, Warehousing & Merchandising Systems.

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COM - Order Management

Stock Optimisation

Profimetrics is itim's stock optimisation solution, designed to fundamentally change the way we work – to dramatically improve product availability whilst reducing stock.
At its heart is a powerful rules and analytics engine. 

We have designed a very powerful system that optimises stock by managing each product throughout its life cycle, automatically moving it to the appropriate stock policy.

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What is Price Optimisation


Many people in the software industry are trying to blind retailers with Science.  They are trying to pretend that clever algorithms and mathematical calculations on comparisons with publicly available market data can predict the right price for a product.

We do not believe that. 

For us Price Optimisation is about helping Retailers implement and manage a ‘Price Strategy’, and be able to evaluate it, optimise it and react to competitors when they try and disrupt it.  

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VIP app - Next generation loyalty

We believe that selling begins with engagement, which can only be achieved through conversations. One of the key features of the engagem app is a chat which allows the customer to start the conversation themselves, and engage with a member of store staff on their own terms. But of course it would be impractical, if not impossible for retailers to have conversations with every one of their customers. 

We have developed an app which enables retailers to increase loyalty by inspiring, surprising and engaging their most valuable customers

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COM - Order Management

itim User Group 2017

We held our user group 2017 at the Tower of London and it proved to be a very informative and exciting day. Thank you to all you took part and be sure to let us know if you are interested in being part of the 2018 day.

itim partners with Pennies




Pennies is the digital upgrade of the traditional charity box, helping customers give their small change a big purpose when they pay by card – in-store, online or in an app.  Pennies works hand in hand with payments technology providers to unlock the potential for thousands of customers to donate to charity at participating retailers, simply by topping up or rounding up their purchases to the nearest pound when paying digitally.

Since 2011, itim has helped Pennies enable the digital charity box with a number of merchants, including The Entertainer, Adnams and The Fragrance Shop, helping these merchants and their customers raise over £1.5million for charity.