chameleon 360

chameleon 360

Our powerful sales platform for multi-channel
customer engagement and advanced clienteling.

Today’s consumers want a seamless, engaging experience with your brand and fast, consistent purchase journeys – whether in store, online or using an app. Chameleon 360 is a proven, advanced multi-channel sales platform that can help you enhance your stores, increase sales across channels and offer a truly multi-channel customer experience.

The Chameleon 360 suite provides a complete view of product, stock and the customer across your channels and includes solutions for stores, online and wholesale:

  • Chameleon Store - Transform your stores to be customer focused with assisted selling and advanced clienteling.
  • Chameleon eCommerce - Engage customers online with a comprehensive selling platform that can be integrated with existing systems or other itim solutions.
  • Chameleon Wholesale - Offer your wholesale clients their own online destination for purchasing and tracking orders.
We helped The Entertainer grow sales by 12% and like-for-like sales by 5.5% with Chameleon on tablets in 100+ stores including the full product catalogue, real-time stock and order management.  Read more...

adding retail value

itim's Chameleon 360 helps retailers achieve sustainable profit growth in the following key areas:

  • Increased store sales - through assisted selling, clienteling and omni-channel ordering

  • Stronger competitive positioning - with more targeted, multi-channel propositions and personalised customer experiences

  • Increased online profitability - through smarter fulfilment and technology-enabled customer service

ePOS/mobile POS


Store order management

Store operations



Rich selling functionality
Proven speed and reliability
Flexible, modular approach
Runs on any device/OS
Integration with existing retail systems
Fast deployment

ePOS and Mobile POS

With fixed till and mobile ePOS capabilities, your staff can check out customers from anywhere on the shop floor and quickly adapt to changing store conditions – whether it’s queue busting or providing a “personal shopper” experience.

Staff are empowered to have meaningful conversations with their customers and proactively sell. Access to the full product catalogue, real-time stock data and a module for customer ordering allows you to offer extended ranges and provide exceptional customer service, so you need never lose a sale.

Features of our Chameleon Store POS module include:

  • Fixed till or tablet compatibility
  • Mobile integration with existing ePOS systems
  • Product catalogue/Endless aisle
  • Promotions, vouchers, gift cards
  • Loyalty
  • KPIs/Reporting
adding retail value


Take clienteling to a new level with Chameleon Store Clienteling and make each customer feel like a VIP. Instant access to all customer data gives sales staff a “virtual black book” and enables a far more personalised level of service.

Extend the relationship outside of the store with our Chameleon Clienteling VIP app where you can engage on a more personalised level with your best clients. Send them curated content, capture their likes/dislikes and offer a personal shopper experience with features including chat, appointments and event invitations. Clienteling at its most innovative and effective!

  • Single view of customer in store
  • VIP customer app
  • Curated content
  • Personal shopper dialogue
  • Appointment scheduling


Store order management

Consumers expect a seamless shopping experience across all on- and off-line touchpoints - whether it’s returning an item purchased online to a store, collecting a Click & Collect order or sourcing the last piece of stock for home delivery. Chameleon Store Order Management gives your team all the tools they need to deliver exceptional service, without ever needing to leave the customer’s side.

True multi-channel capabilities mean that customers can make purchases for in-store, home delivery or collection all in one transaction, resulting in larger basket sizes and greater customer satisfaction.

Chameleon Store Order Management enables:

  • Tablet or browser access
  • Endless aisle
  • Real-time stock
  • Customer ordering and order history
  • Pick, collect and dispatch from store
  • Returns management  
adding retail value

Mobile store operations

In quieter moments, store staff can switch to more operational tasks while remaining mostly on the shop floor. Our Chameleon Store Operations module includes end-to-end stock management capabilities, labelling and order management – all from the same mobile device used for selling and customer service.

Our Chameleon Store Operations module handles:

  • Receipts and transfers
  • Ticketing/labelling
  • Stock taking and reporting
  • Task management
adding retail value


Our Chameleon E-commerce module enables you to provide an engaging, online shopping environment that is on-brand and integrates easily with your Product Information Management (PIM), Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and order management systems. 

Chameleon E-commerce allows you to:

  • Share real-time stock information 
  • Reserve stock in real time
  • Offer all available delivery routes and lead times for any given basket
  • Share live updates on order progress
  • Access customer’s entire profile and order history
  • Connect to your PIM system (either itim's TRS Central or an external system
adding retail value


Chameleon Wholesale allows you to offer your wholesale clients the same integrated and engaging online experience as your direct consumers with easy access to relevant product, stock and order status information.

Like our other modules, Chameleon Wholesale can integrate with itim’s end-to-end retail solution or connect with third party systems to allow you to manage the entire lifecycle of your wholesale orders – from sourcing through to fulfilment and distribution.
With Chameleon Wholesale, you can:

  • Define which products are available for wholesale ordering
  • Set up price lists for each customer or target group
  • Offer products from existing stock or stock to be manufactured
  • Track the status of your orders

Find out how Chameleon 360 can help you boost sales and improve store productivity. Contact us for a complimentary consultation.
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