Profimetrics price optimisation software


Our leading solution for price and stock optimisation.

Profimetrics is powerful operational platform for managing and optimising price, stock, promotions and markdowns throughout the product lifecycle. In a single, integrated platform you can implement and optimise your business strategy to improve product margins and increase efficiency.

Combining the latest optimisation and self-learning techniques with advanced forecasting and analytics, Profimetrics provides actionable business information and recommendations at each decision point, enabling:

  • Smarter decisions that protect profits and competitive positioning
  • Optimised category results
  • Rapid reactions to external changes and competitor moves
  • Consistent processes and management by exception
  • Increased staff productivity

adding retail value

itim's Profimetrics helps retailers optimise product margins through:

  • Higher achieved prices

  • Increased sales

  • Increased product margins

  • Reduced working capital