Profimetrics price optimisation software


Our leading solution for price and stock optimisation.

Profimetrics is powerful operational platform for managing and optimising price, stock, promotions and markdowns through the product lifecycle. In a single integrated platform you can implement and optimise your business strategy to improve product margins and increase operational efficiency.

Combining the latest optimisation and self-learning techniques with advanced forecasting and analytics, Profimetrics provides actionable business information and recommendations at each decision point, enabling:

  • Smarter decisions that protect profits and competitive positioning
  • Optimised category results
  • Rapid reactions to external changes and competitor moves
  • Consistent processes and management by exception
  • Increased staff productivity
On average, Profimetrics clients are able to automate 80%+ of all pricing decisions and reduce spreadsheet usage by 15-20%.

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itim's Profimetrics helps retailers optimise product margins through:

  • Higher achieved prices - due to better price management

  • Increased sales - by reducing stock outs

  • Increased product margins - through smarter promotions

  • Reduced working capital - due to lower stock holdings

Pricing Lifecycle
Price optimisation

Price optimisation

Promotions optimisation

Promotions optimisation

Stock Optimisation
markdown optimisation

Markdown optimisation

stock replenishment optimisation

Stock replenishment

stock allocation optimisation

Stock allocation

Powerful demand planning
Dynamic rules and policies
Alerts and recommendations
KPI Dashboard
Advanced analytics

Optimise price strategies and improve margins

Relying on simple, fixed gross margins makes it hard to know if you really have the right price across your locations, especially for new products. Our Pricing Lifecycle approach allows you to manage price, promotions and markdowns in one integrated environment. The Profimetrics solution combines science with your business rules to simulate, manage and optimise pricing and get to the right price, in every channel, every day - protecting your margins without destroying price perception.

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Avoid over-promotion and select the best offers

Without a structured approach, margins are easily eroded due to excessive promotions. With Profimetrics, we help you break the cycle of over-promotion by understanding its true effects. In an integrated environment, you can plan, simulate and measure all your promotions to choose the best offers, forecast accurate outcomes and negotiate better deals with suppliers.


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Optimise markdowns to clear stock profitably

Clearing inventory profitably can be an on-going challenge. Profimetrics helps you create markdowns that maximise sell-through and cash margin within a company-wide approval workflow. Our powerful optimisation engine can recommend the right discount for the right product, in the right channel, at the right time to meet your inventory and profit goals. It allows you to quickly respond to market conditions, meet financial targets and keep assortments relevant whilst considering cross effects such as cannibalisation.

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Optimise stock replenishment with automated recommendations

Profimetrics provides a dynamic approach to managing stock that deals with the realities of modern multi-channel retailing. Using strategic stock policies (based on your stock profile and business goals, not parameters), Profimetrics ensures the optimal replenishment methods and recommendations for each product in each location. This allows you to improve product availability while reducing costs, protecting margins and increasing efficiency.

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Improve availability while reducing stock

Profimetrics recommends allocations based on multiple methods (such as plan, forecast, and/or sales history information), allowing you to improve client service levels while reducing waste, markdowns and transfer costs. The flexible, configurable dashboard and workflow guides users through the decision-making process, alerting them to issues and also allowing the simulation of what-if scenarios.


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