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Our Chameleon360 mobile POS and in-store sales platform brings the power of digital to the shop floor



What is Chameleon360?

Chameleon360 is the most advanced omni-channel sales platform and mobile POS for retail stores. Running on fixed point tills or tablets, it empowers sales staff to create engaging customer experiences and gives them the confidence to proactively sell.

With a 360-degree view of product, stock and customer information as well as integrated customer ordering, promotions, loyalty management and back-office stock functions, your store staff have all the tools to delight customers and be more efficient.

It contains six core apps for assisted selling, advanced clienteling and optimised store operations.


Minimise queues and never lose a sale

With our Checkout360 app, staff can check out customers from anywhere on the shop floor.

  • Runs on fixed point tills and tablets
  • Mobile integration for existing POS systems
  • True omni-channel ordering
  • Promotions
  • Loyalty
  • Gift Cards

Always have the right information at your fingertips

Our Product360 app puts rich product information and real-time stock data in the palm of your hand.

  • Full product catalogue
  • Endless aisle
  • Real-time inventory
  • Cross-sell suggestions
  • Curated content


Take clienteling to a new level

Instant access to all customer data gives sales staff a “virtual black book” and enables a far more personalised level of service. Our Customer360 app brings together:

  • Order History
  • Preferences
  • Wish lists
  • Reviews
  • Personalised recommendations

Take personalisation one step further with our VIP app.

Transform your stores into points of service

Exceptional customer service is just a click away with our Service360 app. It includes full order management capabilities right from the tablet or till, including:

  • Order tracking
  • Returns
  • 30-Minute Click and Collect
  • Home delivery

So whatever the customer needs to do, you have the tools to provide fast answers and ensure high satisfaction.

Manage all your orders without the need for paper

In quieter moments, store staff can switch to more operational tasks. Our Stock360 app includes end-to-end order and stock management – all handled from the same device.

  • Stock taking and adjustments
  • Stock reporting
  • Transferring and receiving
  • Ticketing/labelling

Track performance and keep everyone connected

In the Store360 app, real-time trading information and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) keeps everyone up to date on performance and ensures the whole team can collaborate efficiently.

  • Team member KPIs
  • Store KPIs
  • Internal communications

Richest functionality
Unmatched reliability
Flexible, modular approach
Integration with clienteling customer app

 POS integration
 Runs on any device
 Runs on iOS®, Android® or Windows®
 Integrates with your existing retail systems

Customer Stories

Cielo tablet

The Entertainer

“On the shop floor, it’s all about creating a seamless conversation with the customer and never having to leave them to go and find out more information to complete the sale, meaning a more fluid shopping experience,”

Sue Dorkin, IT Director, The Entertainer

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“Our customers really like the mobile tablets.
look more professional. We can
sell books anywhere and we can take books
to wherever the customer is,
with ease.”

Kate Stilborn,
Customer Service & Operations Director,

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