Integrated price optimisation software including management of regular price, promotions and markdowns

Price optimisation

Smarter management of pricing strategies

Planning and executing the best pricing strategies is a ongoing challenge for many retailers. Complex product ranges, changing competitor offers, fluctuating supplier costs and frequent promotions create considerable complexity, especially if you are trying to manage price across thousands of products and hundreds of stores on a daily basis.

With our price optimisation solution, we can help reduce that complexity. We help retailers implement and manage a price strategy that can be easily evaluated, optimised and adjusted when competitors try and disrupt it.

Through intelligent pricing management and optimistation we can help you:

  • Ensure that initial prices are in-keeping with pricing strategies
  • React to competitor price adjustments without violating price architectures and competitive strategies
  • Maintain a considered approach to multi-jurisdictional and differential pricing
  • Identify and plan the best promotions (avoiding over-promotion)
  • Choose the smartest markdowns that maximise sell-through and cash margin (without over discounting)
  • Benefit from automation that enables decision support and self-recalibration
  • Reduce manual processes by enabling staff to work by exception

CASE STUDY: Grocer's Margin Improvement

Price optimisation case study

This graph shows the benefits we delivered for one of our clients (a grocer with annual sales of $1.5bn). When we started working together, their gross margins were around 19%. Over a six-year period, we helped them put in place processes and strategies that optimised pricing and promotions using our Profimetrics platform and helped them lift total gross margins to 25% - a 6% uplift.

Profimetrics price optimisation software
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Powerful operational platform for managing and optimising price, stock, promotions and markdowns through the product lifecycle. The most advanced AI-based retail trading solution.

Our Profimetrics Price Optimisation solution helps implement and manage smart pricing strategies that retain brand integrity and protect profits without impacting price perception.

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