We have been shortlisted in the Technology Initiative of the Year category, 2016 Retail Week Awards

We are delighted to announce that jointly with The Entertainer, we have been shortlisted in the Technology Initiative of the Year category at the 2016 Retail Week Awards.

This is for our Store Hub that culminated in the deployment of over 500 in-store tablets that are helping to deliver significant business benefits.

We are pleased to announce that the latest version of The Retail Suite version 5 is now available

Designed to support a world of multi/omni-channel retailing it has been developed in conjunction with retailers for retailers.

It has been built using technologies of the mobile and internet era whilst taking advantage of AI techniques to exploit the increasing access to big data.

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itim shop - our ecommerce platform

itim has launched an e-commerce platform that allows retailers to build web-sites. The website design is such that it is completely data driven from within TRS.  Menus are driven from secondary hierarchies in TRS, product information comes directly from TRS, and the shopping basket is linked straight into COM. 

We are now able to provide a ‘genuine single sales platform, with a single view of sales, single view of the customer and common pricing and promotions across all selling channels.  

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Making the most of Click & Collect & Home delivery

Taking service levels to the next level.

"Dealing with 30 click and collect orders on a peak day is not easy.  So the store processes have to be perfect."

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The store of the future

Run your store using a tablet

Keep pace with changing customer expectations.

Shop floor sales teams need to be empowered to meet and exceed customer service expectations.

Aggressively exploit every sales opportunity.

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Benefits we are targeting

Revenue growth

Bringing applications that help retailers drive top line revenue growth through: Increased and improved multi-channel integration: improved service. The return to ‘clienteling’: more sales. Supporting International expansion. Facilitating Supplier integration: increased product ranges.

Margin improvements

Optimisation of price, promotions and markdown management, and improved claw back of supplier rebates. Again our results here have been 1-4% margin improvements.

Head office cost reductions

Reduced IT costs – with the advent of cloud computing. Reduced Finance costs – better integration & less requirements for analysis & reconciliation. Improved productivity in B&M – boosted intelligence. Reduced costs through Supplier collaboration – getting suppliers to do more of the work.

The Retail Suite - itim’s end-to-end retail platform

This is our end-to-end retail management system or ERP. This is the platform for full multi-channel sales & stock management. It includes our Product Catalogue (MDM), fully integrated EPoS & Tablets, a new e-Commerce Platform, real-time stock management, Order Management & Routing, Stock Allocation and Replenishment, Sales & Stock Audit, Store Management, Simple Warehousing, Wholesaling, Invoice Matching and EDI Plus services. It is the management of the retailer from customer to the supplier, the only operational exclusions are Finance & HR.

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What our customers are saying

The Works launched a loyalty programme which now has over 500K active members, recruiting at the rate of 20,000 per week. 17% of transactions in store involve a loyalty card and over 50% of reward vouchers are redeemed by Loyalty customers

“Thanks to itim for continuing to deliver us the system and ongoing developments on time to support our plans”

Laura Scully - Loyalty Manager, The Works

“Last year we were delighted to award itim with the contract to deliver our new epos software. itim clearly understood our requirements. Their delivery was prompt and accurate and they have been incredibly professional in all of their communications with us. The roll-out of new tills across our estate was one of our most successful and painless IT projects in recent history. Our shop teams are absolutely delighted with their new tills. We look forward to working with itim over the next year to develop our software further to improve our customer experience in our shops.” 

Kate Stillborn - Blackwells

“itim have worked with us over 2 years on two critical programmes, our multi-channel integration using their ‘Order Management & Routing’ platform, and our ‘Store of the Future’ project introducing tablets (Retail Hub) in store for “clienteling” and store administration. The testament to these projects is that, our click and collect sales are now 35% of total retail sales, and with improved clienteling store sales are up 2-3%. In addition, itim’s focus on performance helped us get through our heaviest trading period ‘Black Friday’, without a glitch. Over the last two years we have shown a like-for-like sales growth of (on average) 5% per annum.

We are extremely pleased with the support from itim, their unrelenting focus on getting the best fit between the systems and retail operations, and their continued support of our business strategy.”  

Sue Dorkin - IT Director, The Entertainer

itim’s optimisation platform

The best way to describe Profimetrics is that it is an ‘expert system’ for merchandising. Its main role is to act as a ‘Merchandiser’s Assistant’. It automatically alerts Merchandisers to products that are performing well or badly (not meeting plan) and makes recommendations (by location if necessary), on what to do to take advantage of opportunities or to arrest the decline. In doing so it optimises pricing, promotions & markdowns and stock distribution.  Many say it is the first step to “Merchandising Artificial Intelligence”. It is probably one of the most exciting things we are doing.

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Supplier administration and collaboration platform

This includes our Invoice Matching platform Didos, supported by a series of supplier collaboration applications. These include support for collaborative inventory management (VMI), for collaborative catalogue development, for managing drop ship orders from suppliers. Combined with our EDI Plus service it is a full supplier portal.

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itim’s order management/order orchestration platform

This is probably one of the more advanced platforms for order routing and order fulfilment. It is a rule based system for driving very sophisticated and multiple methods of customer order fulfilment. It facilitates click & collect and store despatch. It has a real-time stock ledger, allows for stock segregation and reservation, order splitting, capturing returns and interfacing with carriers and couriers. One of its real strengths has been its ability to make store operations of these new services very easy, through a store manager’s workbench, delivered in store on tablets. It typically sits at a retailer between their EPoS, e-commerce, Warehousing & Merchandising Systems.

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Competitive pricing

Pricing should be your most strategic weapon but it is not.  

Why is this and how can we compete in pricing with the Amazons?

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