itim insights | Raise the performance of the traders who work for you

Raise the performance of the traders who work for you

Ali Athar

You have a team of traders working for you. They most likely come from a variety of backgrounds, with differing levels of experience and training, and with differing aptitudes and capabilities. You are probably giving them responsibilities for growing ranges and channels, and expecting them to perform to the optimum most of the time.

To support them you have probably thrown masses of information at them from your data warehouses and Business Intelligence systems which you expect them to analyse and digest.

However, I suspect that like most retailers they find themselves time poor. They make hundreds of decisions every week that can make or break trading performance. The environment they operate in is more volatile, less predictable and more competitive, so they need to be on their toes all the time.

You try to get consistency of performance through processes and policies, but you cannot police every decision traders make, every day…

No CEO can!

Yet as each month goes by, you sit and wonder….did they do the best they could have? You have no way of answering that, as you could not sit looking over their shoulders daily.

So can you guarantee performance of the business in these trying circumstances…? You can now!

At itim we have a “Trader’s Assistant”- Profimetrics!

Irrespective of how much or how little experience/expertise/training your traders have, or how much or how little information they have or can digest and analyse; irrespective of how volatile and hostile the economic or competitive environment, it guarantees optimum performance from your traders. It also guarantees that you know all of the options that were open to them every week and the choices they made.

Essentially it acts as an expert:

  1. Alerting and recommending to each of your traders the products that need attention every day, the actions they should take and the level of those actions.
  2. It never misses a trick, identifying and trapping every opportunity and every problem.
  3. It means you can sleep at night knowing that there will be no surprises.
  4. It simplifies those tedious Monday morning trading meetings, because it presents the trading pack in terms of product exceptions.

It makes your traders look like heroes, 'raising all boats' to the standard of the best.

By ensuring that all decisions are the best decisions for each situation, you suddenly see a step change in trading performance: sales, stock, margins, markdowns.

>> Read more about our Profimetrics optimisation platform

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