Bringing back the art of personal selling

With customers migrating online, retailers need reasons to bring people back into stores. The answer is clienteling. This means engaging customers, knowing what they have bought, inspiring them with personalised service and delighting them with new ideas. At itim we are helping retailers to bring back the art of clienteling and empower their staff to proactively sell.

Technology can play a big role in effective clienteling. Using mobile tablets, store staff can move away from the counters and engage with customers. They can look up customer information, view purchase history and preferences, access detailed product information, see what’s on promotion and even manage orders without having to leave the customer’s side.

For your most important clients, a VIP customer app can allow you to continue the engagement beyond the store on a more personalised level. Send them curated content, capture their likes/dislikes and offer a personal shopper experience with features including chat, appointments and event invitations.

Chameleon - Powerful sales and clienteling solution for retail stores
Our products:

chameleon 360

Powerful sales and clienteling solution for retail stores

Chameleon360 uses a rich suite of assisted selling and order management features to empower sales staff to deliver exceptional service and practice clienteling. Running on fixed point tills or mobile tablets, it provides a 360-degree view of product, stock and customer information. With integrated customer ordering, promotions, and loyalty management, we believe it is the most advanced solution on the market today.

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