Software solution for stock optimisation and replenishment optimisation

Stock optimisation

Smarter management of stock allocation, replenishment and distribution

The realities of modern retailing make stock management a growing challenge. Changing consumer patterns, shifting trends, and omni-channel expectations are putting increasing pressure on inventory managers, whose natural reactions are often to increase depth of stock holdings to deal with volatility.

Traditional stock management techniques mean that margins are frequently impacted by problems such as:

  • Overstocking, adding unnecessary cost and overhead
  • Lost sales and poor customer experience due to stock outs
  • Manual processes that are often error-prone, inconsistent and inefficient

A more dynamic, strategic approach is required that can handle the realities of modern retailing. Our solution is stock optimisation. Optimisation techniques and science are combined with your unique business rules to deliver consistent, self-adjusting stock management recommendations that allow users to work by exception.

The result is improved margins through:

  • Reduction in average stock by eliminating stock imbalances
  • Increased revenues through reduction in stock-outs and lost sales
  • Improved availability levels by having the right product in the right place
  • Improved efficiency – typically 80%+ of all stock decisions can be automated
Profimetrics - stock optimisation software
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Powerful operational platform for managing and optimising price, stock, promotions and markdowns through the product lifecycle. The most advanced AI-based retail trading solution.

Our Profimetrics Stock Optimisation solution helps reduce inventory levels while dramatically improving product availability.  Based on your stock profile and business goals, it helps optimise processes to ensure the best stock management recommendation and decision for each product at each location.

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