EDI Plus

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Share data with all of your trading partners in real-time with their systems interacting seamlessly and autonomously with yours.

Full visibility of all of this data meaning you’re always up to date throughout the life cycle of an order all the way to paid invoice.

Achieved with minimal change, with minimal effort and at minimal cost.

EDI plus - itim’s cloud based collaborative EDI service.

Comply with all mandates for EDI

Are you confused by your customers’ EDI requirements or struggling to handle their specific communication methods?

At itim we understand the issues faced by suppliers and have developed a fully managed collaborative EDI service hosted in the cloud, providing you with the answer.

We will work with you to setup and support your new EDI connection to your customer, whether a Retailer, Builders Merchant or Supermarket we will work together to get you up and running.

And if you don’t wish to integrate into your system, this can also all be achieved via our EDI portal meaning you can comply with ALL of your customers EDI mandates simply using our portal via the internet.

The portal allows suppliers to

• View and Print their Orders

• ‘Flip’ into return transactions such as Shipments and Invoices

• Get paid quicker

• Use the SAME portal for ALL their customers

• Offer this new EDI capability as a differentiator to potential customers

• Increase sales

Looking to do EDI with your suppliers?

So how do you establish EDI with your suppliers? How do you get each different supplier system integrated with yours? Do you have the resources to accommodate each suppliers bespoke requirements? Will they all have the expertise to accommodate yours? Do you have an option for those suppliers that cannot integrate, and if not, how will you ever get all suppliers on-board?

EDI Plus breakdown

With b-as1 this all becomes possible. b-as1 supports all message formats and provides any-to-any message transformation, allowing all partners to use the formats supported by their system. All methods of communication are also supported meaning all systems are able to communicate with each other with ease. And with a web portal available to those partners who cannot fully integrate we can get all of your suppliers on-board.

All message types supported 

  • Tradacoms
  • Edifact
  • XML
  • ANSII X12
  • CSV
  • iDoc
  • Bespoke

All methods of communication supported

  • AS2
  • VAN
  • HTTP
  • WebService
  • Web Portal available (to comply without system integration)

Managed Service Support

At itim, we pride ourselves on the level of service we give to our customers.

Our Managed Service Support Centre is UK based and has a dedicated team of highly skilled technicians to ensure the highest level of service continuity.

Our team have a detailed understanding of all client implementations, enabling us to resolve issues rapidly exceeding client expectations.

We are proactive rather than reactive and monitor all transactions and connections and deliver an exceptional fully managed collaborative EDI service with an uptime of over 99%.