EDI services

EDI services

Connect your business with fully managed EDI solutions

As the speed of business increases, retailers need to be able to exchange information with their suppliers as rapidly, securely and reliably as possible. Trading digitally - with the integration of orders, invoices and other key documents - can save significant time and cost for both parties.

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) allows you to share data with all of your trading partners in real time – with their systems interacting seamlessly and autonomously with yours. Full visibility of this data means you’re always up to date throughout the life cycle of an order all the way to paid invoice. This can be achieved with minimal change, minimal effort and at minimal cost using itim’s cloud-based EDI service, EDI PLUS.

EDI PLUS – Overview

With our flexible, secure and hosted EDI platform we help you streamline your digital trading to bring improvements to both the top and bottom line

Flexible EDI integration

We provide a highly flexible, any-to-any solution that supports all message types and methods of communication.

Customer integration

We can help you get connected and comply with all customer mandates for EDI including specific requirements such as e-invoicing.

Supplier integration

Trade digitally with all your suppliers, including e-invoicing, hosted EDI and branded web portals.

Cost effective B2B integration

With our cloud-based services, EDI compliance can be achieved with much less cost and effort than you might expect

Supplier onboarding

With our Fully Managed Service we take care of on-boarding all your nominated suppliers and project manage the entire process.

Fully managed service

Our hosted EDI solutions and UK-based team enjoy an unparalleled reputation for quality of service.

EDI web portals

A simple and efficient solution for trading partners who may not have the necessary systems to exchange electronic messages.

EDI PLUS - hosted EDI services
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For more information on our EDI services, visit our sister company, EDI PLUS.

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