Unified Retailing 2019 - book at meeting with itim

Book a meeting with us at Unified Retailing 2019

The Unified Retailing 2019 event brings together senior leaders from major retailers to explore the challenges and solutions in achieving unified commerce that puts the customer firmly at the center of the decision-making processes.

Itim will be there showcasing our AI-powered Unified Retailing Platform and how it enables the 5 key pillars of unified retailing:

  • Unified Commerce - A single sales platform that supports all customer touchpoints and channels.
  • Customer Centricity - Putting the customer at the centre of all operations and decisions.
  • Price Optimisation - Intelligent pricing strategies that optimise margins without impacting price perception.
  • Stock Optimisation & Order Management - Reducing stock investment without impacting sales and utilising it efficiently to meet customer demand.
  • Unified Supply Chain - A more closely linked supply chain that brings efficiency and increases uniqueness through collaboration.

Schedule a meeting/demo in advance with one of our experts. Simply fill out the short form and we will be in touch ahead of the event.