TRS central

TRS central

Our flexible retail operational platform with
rich functionality and low cost of ownership.

Effective merchandise management is central to retailing success. From planning and sourcing the best assortments to getting the right stock to the right customer at their preferred place – merchandisers need real-time information at their finger tips to keep up with changing market conditions and increasing competitive pressures.

TRS Central provides a single view of product, sales, stock, customer and promotions across all channels, giving you and your team a complete view of the business and a suite of tools to optimise the merchandising life-cycle. With this, comes the ability to truly excel at omni-channel retailing.

A powerful operational platform built for the cloud with low cost of ownership and rich functionality, TRS Central allows you to:

  • Plan compelling and differentiated ranges and get products to market quickly
  • Respond quickly to changing market conditions
  • Manage pricing, promotions and supplier deals to drive profitable sales
  • Allocate and replenish stock efficiently across your estate
  • Enable the richest customer journey possible including 30-minute Click & Collect, drop-ship from a supplier, same-day dispatch and returns to anywhere
  • Manage orders effectively and profitably to meet customer expectations

The platform includes four flexible modules that can be implemented stand-alone or as part of an end-to-end solution.

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itim's TRS Central helps retailers achieve sustainable profit growth through:

  • Increased sales – more targeted ranging and a true multi-channel offer drives sales across all channels

  • Improved product margins – with closer control over pricing, promotions and stock

  • Increased online profitability – through smarter order management and more efficient warehouse management

  • Reduced costs – with lower IT operational costs and more efficient merchandising processes

Product Information Management (PIM)
Merchandising Management
Customer Order Management
Flexible, modular approach
Cloud-based and available as a service
Rich functionality
Low cost of ownership
Integration with other systems
Fast deployment
Product Information Management (PIM)

The TRS Product Information Management module holds all your master data including locations (stores, channels and warehouses), merchandising hierarchies, product catalogue, product relationships (e.g. for cross-selling) and all publishing data. It enables a single, consolidated view of product that can be relied on for other selling, planning and decision-support applications.

Data can be uploaded quickly and supports a wide breadth of attributes, allowing you to centrally store and manage an extensive array of product information for use across all your selling applications and also shelf edge labelling.

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Merchandising Management

TRS Merchandising Management gives your merchandising team the tools they need to create compelling ranges, forecast demand, place supplier orders, manage pricing, create promotions and track supplier deals. It holds a single repository of all stock movements and related documents, so you can easily see the flow of stock through the business and make faster, more informed decisions.

Features include:

  • Supplier management 
  • Purchase order management
  • Range management
  • Allocation, replenishment and stock management
  • Demand forecasting
  • Pricing and promotions
  • MIS/data warehouse

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Customer Order Management

Simply stated, TRS Customer Order Management is one of the most advanced platforms for order routing and order fulfilment. It enables the richest customer journey possible for retailers including 30-minute Click & Collect, drop-ship from a supplier, same-day dispatch and returns to anywhere. So whatever channel your customer chooses for their purchase, you can offer the widest range of fulfillment options and minimise lost sales.

A real-time view of stock allows you to confidently sell from your entire estate to meet customer demand and a sophisticated, rule-based system drives multiple methods of customer order fulfilment, tracking each order through to completion. 

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Warehouse Management

With TRS Warehouse Management you can run multiple retail distribution centres. Each distribution centre can be configured differently to support either store distribution or customer order management. Alternatively, you can handle both within the same warehouse.

The key functions can be accessed using real-time, wifi-enabled mobile devices or traditional offline devices. Features include:

  • Receiving
  • Pick/Pack/Dispatch
  • Drop down
  • Put away
  • Returns management
  • Zoning and bin management
  • Multiple warehouses
adding retail value
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