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Invoice matching

Save considerable time and cost with automation

Large-scale invoice matching is a complex knot of internal and external procedures. As invoice volume grows, manual matching processes eventually become untenable. Do you divert staff away from identifying price or quantity discrepancies and run the risk of losing money in supplier overcharges? Or, do you throw headcount at the problem just to keep pace? Neither is really ideal, so you need a long-term, reliable and auditable solution.

The answer is automation. Advanced invoice matching means itim’s Didos can approve up to 95% of invoices automatically, raising claims for credit or debit notes for overcharges. With as few as 5% of your invoices requiring clerical intervention, Didos then provides the tools and workflow to query and resolve these outstanding issues.

This allows your team to work by exception, freeing up valuable time, reducing costs and improving margins by:

  • Eliminating overcharges
  • Reducing clerical errors
  • Exploiting early payment discounts
  • Creating more accurate accounts
  • Maintaining more accurate stock figures
Didos - invoice matching software
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Industry-leading invoice matching software

Didos is the leading invoice matching software solution on the market. Handling over 500,000 invoices a week for leading retailers including Sainsburys, WHSmith, John Lewis, the Co-op and Coles, it reduces clerical intervention to a minimum and has consistently outperformed ERP systems in third party evaluations.

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