Our retail solutions

Totally modular, cloud-based solutions with rich functionality and low cost of ownership

We offer an integrated suite of advanced omni-channel retailing software solutions that enable greater customer-centricity, true omni-channel capabilities and increased profitability. It includes a robust retail operational platform, overlaid with specialist applications that optimise key areas of operations. As an end-to-end solution it provides a modern, flexible, lower cost alternative to the retail ERP system and helps retailers to:

Single Sales Platform

Consumers expect the same offer from a retailer no matter how they shop with you. Whether they shop via a website, mobile app, in store at a till or by talking to an associate in store or via phone they want to have access to the same product information, inventory, promotions and pricing. Consumers want to be able to buy a product no matter where it is stocked and to be able to switch between shopping all inventory and the local store whether that is because they are physically there or because they wish to shop the store digitally. itim has developed a single platform that provides all the selling capability you need covering POS, website, mobile apps and in store service all with the ability to switch between shopping globally or just a specific store.

Single View of Customer

Retailers need a central repository of all customer information including profile information, preferences, wish lists, reviews, order history, contact history and more. itim can manage this information and make it instantly available to all customer touch-points including POS, tablets, browser, website and third-party applications. Further use of this information can be made through advanced digital clienteling, engaging with customers when they are outside of the store encouraging them to shop either in store or online.

Cross Channel Promotions

Many retailers have to maintain promotions for different channels separately, often having to cope with differences in capability between channels. itim provides a highly sophisticated promotions engine that can cope with the most complex promotional mechanics and which can be used to drive all of your selling channels from a single source. In addition to customer, product or store specific promotions itim also provides complete cross channel capability for vouchers issue/redemption/tracking, loyalty schemes and gift cards.

Single View of Stock

When customers build a basket of products either physically, digitally or a combination of both, they want to know whether you have the stock either owned or with 3rd parties and when/where they can have the products. itim provides a real time stock engine that tracks every stock movement within your business and understands the fulfilment capabilities so that it can present a customer with a list of when and where they can receive their products along with how much it will cost for each option.

Optimised Order Routing

Once a customer has placed on order, the retailer needs to identify the most profitable way to fulfil that order while meeting the customer promise. The itim order routing engine will identify the optimal way to fulfil an order and will execute processes to manage, track and trace progress. When the store is part of the process this includes apps for picking, packing, dispatch and collection. If the product is sourced from a 3rd party or should it be returned then the routing engine will also manage this.

Last Mile Delivery

Utilising store stock for online orders allows retailers to increase availability and deliver more rapidly than their competitors. New fulfilment options are appearing all the time and so itim has developed a local courier integration capability to make adding new delivery partners quick and easy.

Price Optimisation

A product is worth the price a customer is prepared to pay for it no matter what you bought it for. What is key for retailers is the managing of stock turn and price is the key lever for ensuring that product is sold through at the required rate. itim provides an advanced AI based engine to optimise price that ensure the maximum profitability is achieved for the desired sell through. If a product is selling too slowly then price reductions are recommended to minimise later markdowns and price increases are recommended if the rate of sale above predictions thus protecting stocks and maximising profitability. These recommendations made will protect the price architecture and take in to account competitor pricing on the level of demand at different price points.

Stock Optimisation

Retailers need to maximise the return on investment in the stock they have bought. This means ensuring products are in the best locations for meeting customer demand at the best possible margin. itim provides an AI based optimisation capability for determining the optimal range to hold in each store or fulfilment location. Within each location we recommend the optimal level of stock to hold. Allocation and replenishment is optimised to ensure that availability is maximised while minimising the level of stock holding and this investment required. All of this is achieved automatically with an alert driven workflow process rather than the more traditional labour intensive approach.

Supplier Integration

Key to reduce costs and serving customer more effectively is the ability to collaborate with suppliers. itim provides solutions to enable the automation of these processes. For larger suppliers this means an EDI capability where itim can take responsibility for resolving issues. For smaller suppliers this means providing a portal that allows suppliers to do much of the work associated with product information, purchasing and fulfilment. Behind this is our market leading capability for invoice matching along with managing to agreed terms such as retros and overriders.


Merchandising teams in many retailers spend much of their time executing inefficient processes just to operate the business. This leaves them with little time to thing about how to trade their categories more effectively. By providing efficient processes for merchandising processes such as store grading, ranging, purchase ordering, demand forecasting, replenishment and allocation, supplier management and stock management, itim frees up Merchandisers time to focus on how to increase sales and margin.

Retail ERP

For a retailer to be able to take advantage of advanced multi-channel capability, while keeping costs low, they need an efficient ERP that is designed specifically for retail. Without this staffing costs will be significantly higher than they need to be and be more than your competitors. You will also lack the agility to change your business quickly to respond to opportunities. With a history of only working with retailers itim is able to meet the needs of retailers in areas such as supplier management, purchase order and stock management rapidly with minimal configuration. Our solutions are optimised for automation for retail, this reducing the demands on your people and the need for headcount.

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